Lessons of Altruism as Art of Giving from My Mother as Mentor

Being needonomist, I am aware of the altruism as philosophy of Art of Giving (AOG) learnt from my mother as mentor. International Day of Art of Giving on May 17th is celebrated every year for spreading happiness and peace in the world. I appreciate the AOG community think-tank for the decision to divert from AOG-drive “Road to Happiness” to ‘My Mother, My Hero’, the theme for 2021celebrations from home due to lockdown causes by covid crisis in my beloved Bharat (India as independent, nonviolent, democracy with integrity and amity).

To become the part of transforming this idea into a revolution, it is my humble duty and responsibility to share my vision of altruism as art of giving learnt from my beloved mother (Late Mrs Mewa Wati Goel) who gave me birth and brought up in family of teachers. I remember the labour pains she suffered as used to tell with a smile on her face on my birthday every year on August 08.

I wish to confess publically that I have learnt AOG from my beloved mother. I have learnt to get up most of the time I have failed in my endeavours. She has been my strength, motivation, mentor and hero. She has shown me to trust myself and help others as she used to do during her lifetime. I am extremely sorry to confess that several times my mother felt bad about my behaviour. At the same time, I thank her for all those moments when she stood by me even when the whole world including my father didn’t support me. It gave me the courage to pursue my dream path of progress. She never stopped guiding and supporting me till she left us weeping in 1993. Now Mrs Aruna Goel my beloved wife and mother of my children ( Dr.Sanchita Bansal and Mayank Goel)  is carrying forward AoG with enthusiasm. CA Shiny Goel is proving the best mother of my grandson Aadik Goel in altruism as AoG.

To become altruistic, we need to think of others above self as my mother taught me. I have also learnt it as a National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteer from its logo ‘Not Me But You’. A person as recipient feels good but it makes the person who practices altruism better than the best to be happy more than successful. Being altruistic in daily life, one can be happy and nearer to the doors of the kingdom of God.

To feel better in all circumstances, we should practice altruism (doing small things for others without expecting anything in return) as a duty and responsibility towards society.

To boost own spirits, one can begin with ‘selfish altruism’ if not kind to others. Find someone to help, cooperate and support for selfish altruism. Learn to say yes instead of no on several occasions in daily life. Become conscious about own guilt about something. It is to be noted that something wrong with self to be understood as selfish altruism.

We can understand the relevance of altruism from a story. Once a group of fifty people was attending a meeting. The meeting started just a few minutes before the speaker suddenly paused and said, “I am giving balloons to all the participants.” Everyone has to write the name with the marker on the balloon.” All did the same. Now the balloons were placed in another room. The speaker now went to the room with all together and asked to find a balloon bearing one’s name within five minutes. All participants quickly entered the room and madly started finding   balloon bearing one’s name. But in this chaos, no one could locate the balloon bearing one’s name. Everyone was called out after 5 five minutes. The speaker said, “What happened to you and Why all are empty handed? Does anyone know own name. Didn’t get a balloon? Once again all the participants went to the room, but this time everyone was calm, and picked up a balloon in the room. There was no panic. All the others gave balloons to one’s name and came out in three minutes. The speaker said gravely, “The same thing is happening in our life too. Everyone is living for self without knowing how to help others, just looking for own happiness like a crazy person, but after searching a lot even does not get anything. Our happiness is hidden in the happiness of others. When we will be learning to give happiness to others, we will get happiness automatically.

I am, indeed, indebted to my beloved mother for helping and supporting me in many ways during the college days when no one in the family was interested in my higher education.   I dedicate this article to my beloved mother who has important place in my life with her sweet memories as my mentor and hero teaching me altruism as philosophy of art of giving which is more than art of living and ease of doing business in my beloved Bharat of today.

* Former Vice-Chancellor and optimist Needonomist Professor living in Kurukshetra.    www.needonomics.com





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